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Bird watching Tours in South America


Bird watching Tours in South America

Plan Your Bird Tours Northern Peru with Industry Experts

Plan Your Bird Tours Northern Peru with Industry Experts

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Birds of Peru Tours
·Jan 27, 2023·

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Bird Tours Northern Peru: Peru is a very diverse country, with 87 of the 104 climatic zones around the world, as well as the richest tidal currents and the largest tropical mountains. Peru is a natural and hospitable site for birds to breed since it stretches from barren deserts to the second rainiest region on earth.

The nation is home to even more bird species than the entirety of North America and Europe together, with over 1,804 recognized species (about 20% of the global production), 300 of which are indigenous, making it an unrivaled haven for birdwatchers.

Imagine exploring the historic indigenous cultures and customs of Peru’s Inca homeland, sampling the country’s delectable fusion cuisine, and taking advantage of the country’s world-class bird-watching possibilities.

Best Places to Experience Peruvian Rainforests and Their Distinctive Birds

Many preserved Peruvian rainforests and regions are mentioned as some of the greatest locations to witness the country’s abundant birdlife, along with Machu Picchu, one of the regions that have the highest density of endemic species, Colca Canyon, which contains the largest flying bird on the planet, the condor, with a wingspan of over 3 meters, and Machu Picchu itself.

The abundance of flora and wildlife that flourishes in these locations is what accounts for the exceptional birding conditions, providing the Peruvian government with even more justification to safeguard and conserve this national treasure of nature.

Making a network of 67 natural reserves that safeguard 13% of the entire Peruvian region from industrial degradation is one method to do this. The success of this conservation endeavor has been highly successful due to its witnessing many species go extinct. However, sometime later, these birds reappeared in the national forests.

Extraordinary Bird-Watching Environment of Manu and Tambopata

The conservation areas of Manu and Tambopata, are renowned for their exceptional bird-watching habitat and where the former holds the distinction for the greatest number of species ever recorded to be found in a single location (650), while the latter, the benchmark for the greatest number of species ever recorded to be observed in a single day, serve as further evidence of the success (361).

You can see the collapse and more than 300 macaws in these rainforests’ dramatic and stunning environments, where they live naturally.

Northern Peru: The Best Environment for Watching Birds

When speaking of the Birds Of Northern Peru places, it would be a shame if we do not mention the northern area as it gives the best environment for watching birds. This area stretches from the coast with Piura, Tumbes, La Libertad and Lambayeque towards the Cajamarca, San Martin, the Amazon basin and Loreto.

Furthermore, these all-encompassing regions have unparalleled biodiversity and hold over 1600 bird species. It accounts for 85% of all the 1840 bird species in all of Peru.


So, why are you delaying your Peru Bird Watching Tours? Plan it with the Birds of Peru Tours right away and explore the jungle of the Amazon and its amazing birds.

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